Good Mother Pet Tending: Quality Care for Your Companion Animal
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Welcome to Good Mother Pet Tending of San Francisco

Good Mother Pet Tending provides loving care and personal attention, tailored to your pets’ needs.

Cat sitting is conducted in your home, while you’re away. Cats often become lonely or restless when their people are gone. They usually need one to two visits per day for companionship and amusement and to keep premises kitty-safe.

Dogs need exercise and diversion. Dog walks are conducted at your dog’s pace, on his preferred route.They release pent-up energy and keep your dog out of mischief.

While at your home I also take care of plants, lights, mail and provide other services to create a secure presence.

In addition, I provide Tellington Touch for all animals. It helps pets with behavior or health concerns, complementing while never interfering with, veterinary care.

Good Mother also provides house sitting services. I take care of your home as carefully as I do your pets.

I have always said, "My home
isn’t a home without a cat."
Kitty, pictured here, taught
me to play this game, on her favorite rug.

Photo by Donna Morrison

Good Mother Pet Tending
Quality Care for Your Companion Animal
Bonded and Insured. References.

Offering in-home cat sitting and private dog walks,
and TellingtonTouch for all animals

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