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Reflexology and Energy Work for People

Why Reflexology and Energy Work?

It seems a cliche to say that we all lead busy lives. But the truth is we do, taking care of everyone's business but our own.

But our bodies know when we're neglecting ourselves. They tell us so, with a little pain here, some tension there. Tension leads to short tempers, anxiety, depression, a feeling of malaise. If left to build it can translate into much bigger problems.

Taking time for ourselves--even an hour a week--serves as simple maintenance to keep our bodies and psyches tuned and static-free.


During reflexology my fingers make a grid of your feet or hands, covering every inch in gentle, relaxing movements. This affects all systems of your body indirectly. Reflexology releases congestion and stress, bringing balance and a feeling of refreshment.

Energy Work

During an energy-work session, you relax deeply, connecting with the universal energy field. Energy pathways are cleared and energy centers are balanced. This helps with the release of physical and emotional blocks, promoting balance, awareness and well-being.

My reflexology and energy-work sessions involve a light touch, especially helpful for sensitive clients.

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Reflexology and energy work help you relax deeply.
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