Good Mother Pet Tending: Quality Care for Your Companion Animal

Who is TTouch for?

TTouch is being used by pet owners and professionals — groomers, pet sitters, trainers, animal behaviorists, breeders, vets, vet technicians, competitors in agility, obedience, tracking. In short everyone! It offers positive solutions to common behavioral and health related problems, such as

  • inappropriate aggression
  • car sickness
  • separation anxiety
  • excessive barking
  • chewing
  • jumping up and leash-pulling in dogs
  • resistance to grooming
  • nervousness
  • shyness
  • thunder phobia
  • and many other problems, conditions, etc.

It can help promote good health and ease problems associated with aging. TTouch has been taught in European universities. It is used by over 600 practitioners in 32 countries.

Contact me for a plan personalized for your pet.

1 session $45
3-session package $120

TTouch earwork helps
Elizabeth regulate her
kidneys and manage
her body temperature
better in hot weather.

Good Mother Pet Tending
Quality Care for Your Companion Animal
Bonded and Insured. References.

Offering in-home cat sitting and private dog walks,
and TellingtonTouch for all animals

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